EASE: The Inside-Out Guide To Getting Real With Work

Imagine if we could remove from work all stress, exhaustion and insecurity.

Imagine if work became the expression of our deepest, most authentic self.

Imagine if it no longer looked as though anything depended on it.

Imagine if the idea of work disolved altogether and became the simple, sheer joy of living.

We don’t have to imagine it.

We can live it.

Because it is the truth of work.

Lived from understanding, work is simply the expression of the freedom, peace and happiness we know ourselves to be.

It is just that, somewhere along the way, we forgot who we were.

And so work started to look hard.

EASE explores the transformation of self, work, colleagues, performance, success and money as we come back in touch with reality.

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About Clare

Professional Coach

Clare spent many years investigating all types of self help until she encountered the work of Syd Banks and non-duality. The search for security and worth ended in the realisation that the self is only ever a momentary belief and reality only ever appears as a function of that belief. She has written five books and runs monthly on-line  programmes exploring this understanding in relation to identity, work, free-will, relationships, addiction and mental health. She lives in Marlborough with her daughter and son.