FREE: The Inside-Out Guide To Life, Unlimited

Many of us yearn for more freedom.

Many of us feel trapped or stuck.

And, as a result, we suffer. It looks like freedom depends on having more of what we think we need and less of what seems to be in the way.

So we try to create the perfect life or turn ourselves into the perfect person. But even when we have what we thought we needed and even when we have ditched what we thought was in the way, we still don’t feel free.

There just seems to be more to have and more to ditch. We still feel limited and trapped.

In FREE we explore why that is and what it actually means to live a life of no limits. FREE goes to the heart of some of the most embedded misunderstandings of our time and invites us to gain a whole new perspective on who we are and what we think we need.

We will realise that freedom is not what we think it is. And we are not the trapped individual we believe ourselves to be. This realisation opens up the space of intelligence, love and freedom that is our true nature.

This is life without limits.

This is freedom.

About Clare

Professional Coach

Clare spent many years investigating all types of self help until she encountered the work of Syd Banks and non-duality. The search for security and worth ended in the realisation that the self is only ever a momentary belief and reality only ever appears as a function of that belief. She has written five books and runs monthly on-line  programmes exploring this understanding in relation to identity, work, free-will, relationships, addiction and mental health. She lives in Marlborough with her daughter and son.